Accumulate Insignificant Things Makes Significant Achievements, and Expand to the World --A Review of the Year-end Party

Accumulate Insignificant Things Makes Significant Achievements, and expand to the World. On January 13, the year-end ceremony and award ceremony of Chimicron 2022 was held in Shenzhen Hui Hotel. Chimicron invited the Communist Party Office of Party chief Shenzhen Electronic Chamber of Commerce Cheng Yimu, Secretary and Li Dexin, President of Party chief Shenzhen Electronic Chamber of Commerce Membership Department attended the year-end party, which was unprecedentedly enthusiastic.

Annual Summary
At the beginning of the event, in order to further summarize the experience, face up to the shortcomings in the work, and better lay a solid foundation for future work, the person in charge of each department of the company in turn summarized the work of its department in 2022 and put forward the work objectives and requirements for 2023.

The Leader Makes a Speech
General Manager of Chimicron, Mr. Lin, made a strategic plan on how to develop the company in 2023 and set a clear goal. Finally, he encouraged all members of Chimicron to have the confidence and ability to overcome various risks and challenges and strive to achieve the future goals.

Award Ceremony
Reviewed the achievements in 2022, it is inseparable from the efforts of every employee. These numerous awards are the recognition of the past and the motivation for the future, thanks to every member of Chimicron, using their efforts to write a magnificent chapter of the times!

The Guest Makes a Speech
Special guest Cheng Yimu, secretary of the Communist Party Office of the Party chief Shenzhen Electronic Chamber of Commerce, delivered a speech. Cheng Yimu said that the future of the electronic components industry is promising, and it is necessary to lay the solid foundation in an industry for a long time in order to make achievements.

Brand Launching Ceremony
General Manager Mr. Lin, Sales Director and leaders of Shenzhen Electronic Chamber of Commerce attended the launching ceremony of our new brand - "Chimicron". It is a metaphor for the accumulation of insignificant things, which will become significant after a long period of accumulation.

With the successful conclusion of the year-end summary party
The year-end party has entered a new chapter - New Year's Gala
The opening song was brought by Lonely Buddy Nongli Brothers, which ignited the atmosphere of the whole venue.

Great Shows
The company's employees in each department have prepared their own talent show to add to the fun for the company.

Fun Games
In addition to the wonderful program, there was also a fun game session. Under the leadership of the host, the company's employees competed in small games, and the games were wonderful and joyful, with laughter and applause at the scene.

Big Raffle Draw
In the exciting lucky draw, the company conducted a lucky draw in order to give back to all the employees for their efforts in 2022. The rich, exquisite and high quality gifts ignited everyone's enthusiasm, and we hope everyone will be lucky in 2023 and realize their ambitions!

We have walked together in the unforgettable 2022, and we have ushered in the longed-for 2023. In the new year, we will continue to brave the winds and waves and create new successes!